lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Best SEO strategies to improve your website traffic

Mix linking SEO Strategies and improve the SEO of your site. Better SEO= more Traffic= better
income, therefore SEO is a Key investment.

There is no doubt that the content of our site is the aspect that we should never forget and
should be our main concern, as at the end of the day is what will make people come back, add
as favorite, etc. So never forget to make your visits happy as you need your regular visits in
order to grow, we don’t want to lose them with posicionamiento web strategies and Keywords with no sense.

But the reality is, if people doesn’t know that you exist, you can write wonderful stuff, but
there’s no way they can like what you have to offer.

First of all, add if you still don’t have the sharing tools, so the people who already know you,
can tell the others, “Hey!! Check that!” is great that you tweet your site and that you put it in
Facebook, but that’s kind of the minimum for SEO strategies.

As you probably know already, google can easily detect links in the sites and we want to be as
much detected as we can, so there is different ways of doing that, but the more natural way
will be to add links related to the content in your text.

If I am talking about how to fix and iPhone, why not to be an affiliate of ebay or amazon and
put a link as where to buy the missing piece required, that will improve the visibility due to
the link, but also the income if you get lucky and also why don’t you link that to a video on you
tube? If moreover it’s your own video, you can get a few $ and improve SEO strategies on your

Get “trust” from the neighbors, that sound like a funny joke, but that’s actually what you
should do, check your target segment, check who are the “big guys” in that segment and put a
link of them on your site.

If you get lucky they may do a favor to you and put your link in their site also, but If they don’t,
no problem, actually we link them in order to get some of the trust Google has on them, that
means that for Google, a site with this kind of links will be more trusted than a site without, so
help the neighbors helping yourself optimizing your SEO strategies for your website.

All this tips are free and just require a bit of research, time and enthusiasm, but keep on
mind that the algorithms can change, as you don’t want to get catch dramatically when the
algorithm changes, at the end SEO is algorithms, the best you can do is mix the strategy.
Don’t use only your neighbors as only way of getting visibility, tweet yourself and make as
simple and easy as you can that your followers tweet you and share you in Facebook, don’t
forget to go to forums related and comment there and in your signature add your site, try to
be nice and don’t go there and put your site just, you want to be popular so be friendly.

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